Tandberg Television Introducing New HD DENG and DSNG Equipment

At this year's IBC, Tandberg Television should have some solutions for broadcasters experiencing bandwidth problems in transporting HDTV content from the field. The company plans to show DSNG and DENG HDTV solutions based on its HD MPEG-4 AVC encoder and new DVB-S2 and COFDM modulators.

Tandberg Television will be showing the EN5940, which combines MPEG-4 AVC HD encoding with a DVB-S2 satellite modulator. Tandberg Television claims that the EN5940 allows transmission of HD video using the same satellite bandwidths commonly used to transmit MPEG-2 SD video. David Mitchinson, newsgathering business development manger at Tandberg Television, said, "Because our latest HD DSNG offers the combined benefits of MPEG-4 AVC and DVB-S2, it is able to transmit an HD signal using the same transponder bandwidth that is currently being used for SD MPEG-2. In bandwidth terms, this means that the efficiency gain effectively equates to migrating to HD for free."

The new EN5950 uses the same MPEG-4 AVC HD encoder, but comes equipped with a COFDM modulator. Due to the lower data rates possible with the MPEG-4 AVC HD encoder, more robust COFDM modes can be used for transmission, increasing the range and reliability of HD DENG feeds. A complementary receiver, the RX1290 comes with a two input diversity tuner card, further improving reception. Tandberg Television's DR6000 six input diversity receiver can be used in demanding applications such as citywide coverage. These receivers offer the advanced "Mean Ratio Combining" method, which Tandberg said outperforms "simpler packet switching methods offered by competitors."