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Sydney production company chooses Quantel

Ambience Entertainment is installing Australia's first Quantel gQ along with a QEditPro Quantel-boosted PC editing system, and QPaintbox graphics system.

The gQ is a multi-resolution video design system. It combines different resolution material within the same graphic and can use Internet sourced graphics at any resolution as templates or guides. Mix formats, color space, interlaced and non-interlaced, HD and SD material on any layer.

QEdit Pro offers 10-bit non-compressed video with 16-bit (64 bit per pixel) YUV or RGB processing. It has real-time 3:2 insertion and removal and can composite different resolutions and colorspaces at the same time.

QPaintbox is designed as a networked component of a larger graphics design system. It can run on standard desktop PC's.

The systems allow Ambience's designers, editors and compositors to learn on PC platforms, with a common user interface across the whole range.

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