Survey finds willingness among viewers to consider switching TV services

More than 60 percent of consumers in seven benchmark developed countries would consider switching TV service providers to obtain the features and content they want, at current market prices or higher, according to research conducted by Microsoft and research firm Screen Digest.

This finding contradicts previously held assumptions that price is the single most important factor in selecting TV service providers. The study points to key trends that define the Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) market and demonstrates that as technology changes the nature of television, old behaviors may not necessarily apply.

Completed earlier this year, the research identified market segments most inclined to purchase IPTV and drivers that will motivate them. Online and phone surveys of 5000 “entertainment-oriented” consumers were conducted in seven benchmark developed countries: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Overall, the survey estimated a total of 230 million potential candidates for more advanced TV services across these countries, with 75 million of those consumers expressing interest in switching and paying for a TV service with the features and channels they want. An additional 2000 surveys were conducted in urban China and India. When China and India are included, the global audience for advanced TV services increases to 380 million, with 200 million willing to switch and pay for a new TV service.

Consumers were also allowed to create their “ideal” TV service from a number of different features. Consumers created and are willing to pay for lifestyle-based packages, rather than simply price and channels.