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Survey finds continued strong appetite for HDTV

Results from a survey conducted in September indicate that three out of four online shoppers who currently don’t own an HDTV say they plan to buy one within the next year.

The finding, part of a new consumer behavior study from, is based on data collected Sept. 8-22 from 1915 online study participants.

According to the study, the popularity of HDTVs has grown significantly in the past two years. Fifty-seven percent of consumers own an HDTV, compared with only 30 percent in August 2006. Today, LCD TV is the preferred HDTV, with 57 percent owning one.

According to the findings, half of HDTV owners indicate that their primary motivation to buy an HDTV was not significant price drops but rather the improved picture and audio quality derived from switching from SD to HD programming.

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