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Survey: Consumers not yet Excited About Next-Gen DVD

In a new study from Forrester Research set for official release sometime this month, American consumers are not exactly awaiting next-gen disc technology via the incompatible formats of Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD with eager anticipation.

The survey of slightly more than 5,000 adults with Internet access (717 of whom also own HD television sets) found when next-gen DVD players sell for much more than $200 (a lot less than they are, to date), both HD owners and other CE consumers quickly lose interest.

Here are some highlights regarding “all households” in the survey, authored by Forrester Principal Analyst J.P. Gownder:

Which best describes your plans to purchase a next-generation DVD player?

  • As long as it plays current DVDs and wide variety of future content 26%
  • Wait until one format wins, and then buy a next-gen DVD player 22%
  • Would not buy next-gen DVD player unless can play both formats 24%
  • Would not buy a next-gen DVD player under any condition 25%
  • Would buy a next-gen DVD player and not worry about it 2%

A separate and broader Forrester survey of annual HD and other CE trends recently was made available for purchase.

More details on the next-gen disc war are provided in the current edition (Sept. 5, 2007) of TV Technology.