Super Bowl: STS Uplink Truck Taps For-A Switcher

NFL Films, which is the official archivist of professional football for the United States, (and for the world, for that matter), once again tapped Satellite Technology Systems this year to help provide the world feed for downlink services for Super Bowl XLIII in more than 200 countries, and for NFL Films itself.

It was the third straight year that NFL Films has contracted with STS—whose on-site base consisted mainly of an upgraded Ku/HD Production Uplink Vehicle featuring a For-A HD switcher (model HVS-1000HS, Hanabi 1 M/E).

For-A’s switcher allowed a simultaneous HD/SD feed of the stadium proceedings on both C- and Ku-band satellite frequencies. (The C-band antenna sector of the truck was used for HD and the Ku sector of the truck was used for SD world.) The encoders came from Tandberg Television.

Last year’s Super Bowl was transmitted to more than 230 countries and territories, in 34 languages, said STS in a statement.

On Feb. 10, STS said its 33-foot truck will relocate to the NASA Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla., to provide HD uplink services for Nippon Television’s coverage of the next launch of the Space Shuttle “Discovery.”