Super Bowl: Close Call for HD Fans in Syracuse

Super Bowl fans with HD-tier cable in the Syracuse, N.Y. market were not too happy until relief came unexpectedly earlier this week. Last week, Time Warner had run out of HD DVR boxes. They still had plenty of non-DVR HD boxes, but apparently a lot more HD subscribers wanted digital recording capabilities for the game, and for other content, according to WSYR-TV.

Those viewers who picked up their HD set-top boxes had to put their names on a waiting list to receive the units with DVR capabilities. A fresh supply of about 1,500 DVRs arrived at the cable office last weekend. WSYR-TV said the firms that make the HD DVRs have "been overwhelmed by requests for them."

Yet it could have been so much worse for the HD subs: Time Warner originally was not expecting the new DVR boxes to arrive for a couple of weeks, which would have been after this Sunday's Super Bowl had come and gone.