Super Bowl: CBS Sports to Employ Vizrt HD Graphics

CBS Sports will use Vizrt HD graphic software for its coverage of Super Bowl XLI at Dolphin Stadium in Miami. Vizrt's HD nonlinear editing (NLE) plug-in for its Viz|Trio CG system is to be used for the broadcast.

With the plug-in, various graphics templates can be used within an NLE system without modification. The Viz|Trio controls and features are designed to allow CBS to change texts, images, 3D objects, scaling and positioning within the NLE, according to Vizrt.

The HD NLE plug-in supports Avid editing software using Avid Visual Extensions. CBS can "stack" arbitrary graphics pages and automatically create seamless transitions, using a single video output channel.

CBS Sports plans to use nearly 50 HD cameras throughout the stadium and an array of other HD-centric equipment, including some new devices, according to TV Technology.