Sundance Digital: Streamlining Automation Systems

Sundance Digital has earned a leadership position among television automation companies÷and a recent engineering excellence award÷by listening to the needs of broadcasters and keeping a watchful eye on emerging technologies. Established in 1994, the company was among the first to produce a Windows NT-based automation software product. Sundance Digital has consistently offered affordable, dependable, and easy-to-use automation solutions designed to keep broadcasters on the air and profitable.

At NAB2002, Sundance launched two major new products: NewsLink, to streamline the digital on-air newsroom, and Titan, for large-scale, multichannel, server-based facilities.

NewsLink advances digital newsroom technology to the next level by supplying an essential database integration and operations layer. Its rundown-centric user interface communicates between the newsroom computer system and the facilityâs stillstores, CGs, and video server/editor solution.

Titan, the latest stage in the evolution of Sundance Digitalâs transmission automation product line, is a highly scalable solution that can control up to hundreds of automated playout channels within a single facility, or can remotely control multiple geographically diverse locations. Titan is designed around a widely distributed processing architecture that assures ãmission-criticalä reliability and facilitates the dynamic reassignment of playlist control.

FastBreak Automationâs design is centered on a robust central database and a reliable distributed processing architecture.

Sundance offers numerous applications to extend FastBreakâs reach:
*SalesView enables the entire media database to be viewed in low resolution MPEG-1 or in full resolution directly from the server.
*ListSync provides an additional level of on-air redundancy with realtime updates of the back-up playlist.
*MediaCacher automatically transfers content from tape to the server.
*Sundance Archive Manager controls the movement of media from server to near-line archive and back.
*TimeLiner, a low-cost, timed-event sequencing system to control virtually an unlimited number of devices, either locally or remotely, using TCP/IP protocol.
*FastBreak Spot Play combines powerful database management with tight control of the server to manage the broadcast commercial insertion process. It is readily upgradeable to FastBreak Automation.
*Intelli-Sat is an intelligent software solution that manages the entire incoming feed recording process. It integrates seamlessly with Titan, NewsLink, and FastBreak Automation.

At Sundance Digital, broadcast-trained engineers are available 24/7 to give technical support.

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