Sundance and ASACA Create Integrated Automated Storage System

Sundance Digital and ASACA Corp. plan to combine products from the two companies for use in automated, near-line archival and access of files in broadcast and centralcasting environments.

Sundance's FastBreak Automation, a scalable system that provides frame-accurate control of video servers in single and multichannel configurations, will be integrated with Asaca's TeraCart DVD-RAM/R Digital Virtual Libraries. TeraCart can use 24 drives online simultaneously, and offers a transfer rate of 2.78 Mbps per drive. It also offers 14 TB of scaleable storage capacity and the ability to mix DVD video and DVD-RAM disks in one library cabinet. The combined system will enable full automation of the broadcast process including near-line archiving.

Sundance's NewsLink and Titan can also use the DVD storage made possible by the TeraCart via Sundance's archive interface. NewsLink is a rundown-centric system for streamlining on-air newsroom operations. It provides integration of the newsroom computer with still stores, CG and video servers and editors. Titan is a scalable automation system that can control or remotely manage hundreds of channels in a facility.