Study shows consumer media habits evolving

A new study finds that 27 million Americans own one or more on-demand media devices
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Consumer media habits are changing. People now watch VOD services through their cable or satellite provider, access news online, and listen to Internet radio, according to a new study by Arbitron and Edison Media Research.

The study, Internet and Multimedia 2005: The On-Demand Media Consumer, finds that an estimated 27 million Americans own one or more on-demand media devices — such as a TiVo DVR, iPod or other portable MP3 player. They also exhibit multiple behaviors that show a heavy tendency toward an on-demand media lifestyle.

The study found an estimated 43 million Americans choose to record TV programming to watch at a different time - using technology such as a VCR or DVR. Seventy-six percent of consumers own at least one DVD. Thirty-nine percent own 20 or more DVDs in their personal collection.

The study found that broadband connections are now just as common as dial-up connections in American households. The monthly Internet video audience is now estimated to be approximately 35 million people. The weekly online video audience is nearly 20 million.

This latest study, as well as previous studies, may be downloaded free of charge via the Arbitron and Edison Media Research Web sites at and

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