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Studio Techologies Announces Sale of Eight Surround Monitoring Systems to Rogers

VANCOUVER, B.I., CANADA -- Studio Technologies announces that Rogers Media Inc., a subsidiary of Rogers Communications Inc., has installed eight StudioComm 76DA/77 5.1 Surround Monitoring Systems throughout its newly upgraded production facilities. Rogers Media operates the Citytv and OMNI Television networks, comprising 10 television stations and specialty channels, including OLN, G4 Canada and others, along with 45 FM and nine AM radio stations across Canada.

The StudioComm 76DA/77 Surround Monitoring System, with digital inputs and digital and analog outputs, allows for monitoring of 5.1 surround and stereo audio material. Comprising a 76DA Central Controller (rack-mounted) and a 77 Control Console (desktop), the system is intended for broadcast production and post-production applications that employ both digital- and analog-input loudspeakers.

Features includes surround and stereo inputs, multiple pre- and post-fader outputs, configurable downmix and mute/solo functions, bass management, along with a multi-format sync input. In addition, a configurable time-delay can be added to the input signals. This can be critical for effective audio monitoring, allowing alignment of the audio signals with associated video displays when image processing latency is presen