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StreamGuys, Ensemble Video team on content management, multiplatform streaming

StreamGuys and Ensemble Video have joined forces to bring broadcasters, businesses, universities and other organizations multi-platform video content delivery and management. 

The relationship incorporates the Ensemble Video platform into StreamGuys’ cloud-based streaming architecture, giving users a robust and easy-to-use streaming platform that fully integrates professional video content management and publishing experience.

The Ensemble Video integration gives users a video content management system to more effectively manage, coordinate and syndicate their video content within the StreamGuys platform, along with toolsets to publish and distribute content across many platforms. 

Content producers and distributors can easily access multiple libraries to search and manage content, from editing and copying video content to adding metadata. Similarly, large organizations can share content among multiple departments, and manage various Web publishing options to maximize enterprisewide impact. Broadcasters and media companies can more easily customize, or “skin,” media players to better represent their brands.