Stratos HD Fiberoptics Capture PGA Tour

Video detailing of portions of this summer's HD-televised PGA Golf Tour in the U.S. is being made possible, in part, with the use of NEP Supershooters from Stratos Optical Technologies. Supershooters enable the fiberoptic connectivity that is practical for live sports events, consisting of miniature video media converters (M-VMC) and video media converter racks (VMCR) from Stratos.

The firm said it offers a full line of products for fiber transport of HD signals from the primary source, from between production trucks, and for all point-to-point HD signal deployments. The VMCs used by NEP Supershooters for the PGA Golf Tour provide media conversion between legacy BNC-equipped 75-ohm coax equipment, to a fiber link that eliminates both distance restrictions and reclocking issues typically encountered with HD signal deployment. Some of Stratos modified products are also used by the military and space industries.