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Stetson University Program Taps Matrox, Ensemble for Video Tech

MONTREAL—When the new Centurion Sales Excellence Program kicked off at Stetson University last fall, the business school had already taken the steps to provide lecture capture technology and video management with a system from Matrox and Ensemble Video. The unit consisted of Matrox’s Monarch LCS H.264 streaming and recording systems and Ensemble Video’s content management and distribution platform.

The sales training labs of the Centurion program are equipped with a Monarch LCS encoder, which is connected via the network to the Ensemble Video platform. This allows students to schedule recordings. When a scheduled recording is complete, Ensemble Video publishes the videos through the university’s designated lecture management system, giving students on-demand access. In addition, the Monarch LCS comes with a variety of operating modes, including picture-in-picture and side-by-side, enabling students to select a preferred layout configuration prior to recording.

The Ensemble Video platform provides the students with supplemental tools to augment the video recordings. Among its features are automatic caption, which overlays captions on the Monarch LCS encodings; a “search inside” feature to search captions using key words; and the ability to annotate videos with comments and notes that can be applied directly though the Ensemble platform.

Additional offerings include H.264 compatibility and the Wowza Streaming Engine, allowing students to use any device, PC or tablet the access video content.