Stealth Aerial Cameras flies versatile HD POV camera

Stealth Aerial Cameras of Winter Park, FL, has recently equipped its unique flying camera system with Panasonic’s AK-HC1500G 1080i/720p switchable HD point-of-view camera.

Having recently debuted its eight-line, completely redundant aerial camera system, Stealth Aerial Cameras exclusively flies with the HC1500G. The system saw its first use for coverage of pre-season NFL football games.

One of the reasons Stealth selected the HC1500G was its ability to switch between 1080i and 720p, which allowed the company to serve the diverse needs of its clients with one camera. An example was the pre-season NFL game between the Cleveland Browns and Philadelphia Eagles in Philadelphia. The game aired on ABC affiliate WPVI in Philadelphia, and NBC affiliate WKYC in Cleveland.

Stealth’s aerial system, when rigged in a football stadium, enables the camera to follow the action on the field from relatively any angle, including right behind the quarterback. By positioning eight pulleys in the four highest corners of a stadium and rigging the lines up in the air around the stadium, the Stealth operators can position the camera to capture football’s most dramatic perspectives.

Compatible with all international HD standards, the AK-HC1500G features variable frame rate functionality and cine gamma curve made popular in the VariCam HD Cinema camcorder.

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