STARZ! Upgrades with OmniBus

Starz Encore Group, which operates the STARZ! family of premium cable channels, has upgraded its OmniBus Systems automation systems to include control of the cablecaster's new high-definition channels. The STARZ! HD movie service, which has East and West Coast feeds, is now operating using OmniBus Systems' Colossus automation system.

In addition to controlling the HD feeds for Starz Encore, the Colossus system also automates the cablecaster's standard-definition feeds, STARZ! East and STARZ! West. The new HD service is mirrored from the SD operation and it includes 16:9 1080i playbacks with 5.1 surround sound audio. The primary facility in Englewood, Colo., contains redundant channels that are used for backup, also under control of the OmniBus Colossus automation system.