STAR manages content with Masstech MassStore systems

STAR, one of Asia's leading media and entertainment companies, has installed two MassStore systems from Masstech Group to manage its media files. The MassStore media lifecycle solution provides automated control of the virtual libraries between STAR's primary playout location and disaster recovery site.

The primary MassStore system is located at STAR's headquarters in Hung Hom, Hong Kong. The secondary system, located at STAR's disaster recovery site in Taipo, Hong Kong, operates in parallel, providing 100 percent backup for the primary playout location in addition to providing disaster recovery. MassStore is used to manage the control of multiple archives for both the main and secondary site.

The STAR installation includes the tight integration of MassStore with the Titan automation system from Sundance Digital to enable the company to fully automate the creation of content groups for advanced archiving techniques.

Masstech has developed a Web-based architecture that has been adopted by many broadcasters for their media lifecycle management. STAR also selected video servers from Omneon Video Networks. The design and integration of the system was completed by STAR's in-house engineering department.

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