Spanish Public Broadcaster Deploys New Chyron Graphics Workflow, Video Wall System

Chyron Prime Video Walls RTVE
(Image credit: Chyron)

MADRID—Radio Television Española (RTVE), which oversees Spain's public broadcasting services, went live in mid-February with election coverage using a new graphics workflow and state-of-the-art video wall systems driven by Chyron Prime Video Walls at two refurbished studios in Madrid. 

The broadcaster also used the newly refreshed Chyron Camio template-based graphics asset management solution and updated Chyron LyricX CG systems as part of the video wall systems, which also gives RTVE the ability to adapt sophisticated studio graphics quickly from show to show. With Chyron Prime Video Walls, they can reconfigure playout across displays in any size, number, shape or pixel count, the company said.  

RTVE uses Camio to orchestrate its graphics workflow for the news studios and to more tightly integrate Chyron graphics authoring and playout tools into its news and production environment, making it possible for the graphics department to be more responsive and effective in addressing editorial needs, Chyron said.

Local integrator Clearcom, which supplied the Chyron technology, Chyron and RTVE installed the system, trained personnel and commissioned the systems.

More information is available on the company’s website

Phil Kurz

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