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Spain: More Movies, Sports in HD

The rain in Spain may stay mainly in the plain, but it also looks better in HD, no doubt. Canal+ Spain said it is adding two HD channels to menu later this fall. Drawing on program rights currently held by its parent firm Sogecable, the service plans to include Canal+ Film HD and Canal+ Sport HD to its suite of offerings.

The HD move by Canal+ Spain will be welcomed by HD enthusiasts, since the pay-TV service is among the last European operators to engage the HD format. A Canal+ executive told a news conference recently in Madrid that its own survey found (not surprisingly) that HD is proving to be a hot-ticket item for his firm and the vast majority of subscribers equipped with an iPlus HD DVR said they would recommend the device to others.

HD coverage will affect the Uefa Champions League, the U.S. National Basketball Association season—and the fate and fortunes of tennis superstar Rafael Nadal in the Australian Open.