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Southern Cross Media buys SeaChange servers for new HD platform

Systems integrator Magna Systems and Engineering has sold four SeaChange Broadcast MediaLibrary BML24000EX server systems to Macquarie Southern Cross Media (MSCM) in Canberra, Australia.

MSCM is adding 28 channels of independent HD services to its existing 35-channel SD facility in Canberra. The SeaChange servers will be used for program playout, turnaround delay and commercial replay. The system consists of four separate servers, two for programming and two for commercials. There are 60 ingest and playout channels (30 x 2) on the program servers, which are three-node, and 80 channels of ingest and playout (40 x 2) on the commercial servers, which are four-node, with more than 15 MCL6000 (MediaClient) series in varying configurations on each server.

With 140 channels of HD on servers, this is a first in terms of size and efficiency for any broadcaster in Australia. The criteria for the new server system were unique to MSCM and included being able to playback legacy files transferred from the current Pinnacle SD playout platform. The SeaChange servers maintain teletext caption data in SD or HD and can convert between both.

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