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South Korea: Firm says Viewers See HD with ‘Ordinary Cable’

LS Cable of Seoul, South Korea, has begun marketing what it calls “smart VoD technology” using signal-condensing that it claims could provide DTV viewers with HD images using ordinary cable.

LS Cable said its technology is “revolutionary” because it doesn’t need to condense an analog signal in a hybrid fiber coaxial network in order to send HD-level images in real time. Existing 30 Mbps cable can be used up to a maximum of 300 Mbps, the company told The Korea Times.

LS said it has signed a contract with a local broadcaster in Gangwon Province to provide up to 10,000 “hybrid IP set-top boxes” where TV viewers can see both ordinary broadcast channels and IP programs by installing the device. The cabler said this technology will reduce “investment costs” by 10 percent over existing technology. (Further details were not yet forthcoming.)