South Carolina church wins Studio Ensemble system

Lake Wiley Ministry in South Carolina was awarded a $50,000 prize after entering a Studio Ensemble-sponsored contest.

Cynthia Robinson, media director for Lake Wiley Ministry, said the church entered the contest because it needed higher-end equipment to broadcast its services.

Studio Ensemble is a modular, digital studio production tool combo. In 2006, 360 Systems, Echolab, Avitech Video and Compix Media joined forces to create Studio Ensemble, consisting of four broadcast studio products, including:

  • 360 Systems ImageServer 2000;
  • Echolab Opera 3408 dual format (digital/analog) production switcher;
  • Compix Media LCG8000R character generator; and
  • Avitech MCC-8004dE Multiviewer media command center.

With the Studio Ensemble prize, Robinson has what the church needs to "create professional content from one compact system," she said.