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Sorenson intros next-generation squeeze video compression software

Sorenson's Squeeze 4 video compression suite

Sorenson Media has introduced the Sorenson Squeeze 4, a new line of video-compression applications for digital video. The new product family includes the Sorenson Squeeze 4 Compression Suite, Sorenson Squeeze 4 for Macromedia Flash MX and Sorenson Squeeze 4 for MPEG-4 — all of which are available in Macintosh and Windows versions.

The suite incorporates high-definition encoding for a variety of video formats including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, QuickTime and RealMedia. Additionally, the Windows version includes HD encoding options for Windows Media 9.

Added is the Sorenson AVC Pro codec (also known as H.264) to the Sorenson Squeeze 4 Compression Suite and Sorenson Squeeze 4 for MPEG-4. This codec offers the highest-quality video at roughly 70 percent the data rate of MPEG-4, the company said.

All versions incorporate a completely redesigned interface, including a customizable batch window that allows settings to be applied at the job, source and output levels. The user can arrange the video-preview pane anywhere on the screen in either single- or multimonitor workstations. They also feature a new video-zoom tool for pixel cropping, a preview slider with in/out markers allowing a segment of video to be previewed before compression, and shortcut keys that supply quick access to common compression functions.

Sorenson Squeeze 4 Compression Suite specializes in compressing digital video for archiving and sharing video on CD, DVD or over the Internet. As part of the authoring and publication process, users import edited, uncompressed video from video editing tools such as Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Xpress DV and Adobe Premiere. Once imported, users select a preset for an intended audience and then click the Squeeze It button.

The new product line is expected to ship in the fall.

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