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SOOM supports demanding 'Science Outsiders' project

Producer/director Daniel Schmidt and ColorBurn Productions have chosen Sachtler to support their new documentary series, “Science Outsiders,” about NASA's search for the origins of life.

“We are shooting in some really cool locations — from NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena (CA), to vast cave complexes in Italy, glaciers high in the Canadian Rockies and at Yellowstone's famous hot springs,” Schmidt said.

Because the production requires Schmidt to travel to various locations, minimizing the amount of equipment needed is important.

“I chose Sachtler’s SOOM with the FSB 6 head because I knew I would get great support for various DSLR camera setups: long lenses, dolly sliders, rail systems with matte box and follow focus, and external monitors,” he said.

For this shoot, Schmidt took advantage of all of the SOOM’s functions. He could use the TriSpread as a minispreader to stabilize the tripod or as a set of baby legs; SOOM TriPod to get the camera up to 55.9in; SOOM Tube as a monopod with maximum height of 61.8in for watching over things or in tight places; and SOOM XL System, combining TriPod and TriSpread, for a maximum height of 98.4in.

See Sachtler at the 2011 NAB Show in Booth C6033.