Sony’s Stringer Sees $10 Billion in 3D

TOKYO: Sony chief Sir Howard Stringer is counting on 3D to be the company’s next $10 billion business. The company anticipates 3D-capable electronics will generating as much as $11 billion between March 2012-13, according to wire services. Sony executives laid out the company’s ongoing business strategy at a press conference last week. Stringer said the company intends to turn a profit on flat-panel TVs and gaming by its fiscal year ending in March 2011.

Sony posted an FY2009 loss $1 billion last March, and is forecasting another for the FY ending this coming March. The downturn at Sony was blamed in part on the economy at large. Stringer responded by streamlining operations and creating more cooperation between divisions. Positioning the company on the cusp of 3D adoption is latest element to turn the company around. Sony is particularly well-suited to take advantage of the 3D wave because its movie studios can create content to drive adoption of the gear.

Sony said in September it would roll out a 3D-capable Bravia LCD TV next year. The 3DTV set is part of its 3D home initiative bringing together its music, movie and video game business units together with consumer electronics. Likewise 3D-capable technologies are in development for the Blu-ray DVD player, Vaio computer and PlayStation3 game console lines.

While broadcast products were not a part of the initiative, the unit is also turning out 3D gear. Sony last month announced the development of single-lens 3D camera technology that captures distinct left and right images simultaneously.

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Sony announced this week that it plans to introduce a consumer-ready 3D TV set next year, as well as build 3D capability into many of its consumer electronics, encompassing music, movies and video games.

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