Sony hits the road with the XDCAM system

Sony representatives will host seminars and demos to teach customers to use the XDCAM system this summer.

Sony Electronics’ is hosting an open house for its XDCAM professional disc system this summer. Sony representatives in 31 cities will host full-day sessions under the theme “Redefining Your Workflow” that include educational seminars and hands-on demonstrations of the XDCAM.

The XDCAM family includes the PDW-510 DVCAM and the PDW-530 MPEG IMX/DVCAM optical disc camcorders, the PDW-1500 optical disc compact deck, and the PDW-V1 optical disc mobile deck. The system uses blue-laser based professional disc optical media, which can store 23.3GB of content on one disc.

XDCAM customers include:

  • NBC News — The system will be used in a pilot test program for the network’s coverage of the Summer Games in Athens.
  • Video rental houses Bexel and Wexler and production companies such as Communications Four and State of Mind Productions
  • Fisher Broadcasting Group, WLS-TV, an ABC owned station in Chicago and KPRC-TV, a Post-Newsweek station in Houston

Sony has shipped 1500 units worldwide. Visit Sony online to find an open house near you.

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