Sony HD Cameras in Force at Super Bowl

Mobile production company Game Creek Video used more than 30 Sony high-definition cameras to cover the action at Super Bowl XLII, including Sony’s HDC-1500 multiformat cameras and HDC-3300 3x slow-motion cameras.

A total of 27 HDC-1500 cameras served as the primary field-production units, supported by four HDC-3300 systems. Two of these “slow-motion” systems were placed in each end zone, while the other two were free-roaming handheld units.

Sony’s HDC-1500 multiformat camera system captures high-definition images in either 1080i or 720p. The HDC-3300 camera achieves 3x speed slow motion effects in full HD resolution. Designed for use by OB vans and production or rental houses, the new system can output normal speed signals simultaneously for live feeds through separate digital signal processing.

The cameras were used for pre-game, game and in-studio programming. In addition, several of the Sony high-definition cameras will be used during an ESPN remote production.