Sony and Dalet Collaborate on the Next-Gen Archiving Systems

LAS VEGAS -- Sony announced a strategic partnership with Dalet Digital Media Systems named Optical Disc Archive. The arrangement is part of an ongoing mission to develop extensible high-capacity archiving solutions for the video and broadcasting industries. Optical Disc Archive offers file-based storage using a compact cartridge with 12 optical discs. Dalet supplies the media asset management applications.

Sony is working to integrate the Dalet Media Life MAM software with the Optical Disc Archive product line. Sony and Dalet will jointly propose archiving solutions for a wide range of areas, including news and sports production, media digitization, and disaster recovery. The two companies will also collaborate in solution selling, system integration and delivery and contract services.

The partnership will start within the U.S. and European markets and then will progressively be introduced to other areas. Demonstrations of Dalet Media Life will be available on the Sony booth at NAB.