Solid State Logic announces new sales and installations

Recent sales have made Danish Broadcasting Corp., Office Terra, and "The Hospital" new Solid State Logic customers.

The C100 console, which will replace the Danish Broadcasting Corp's existing analog consoles, will be installed throughout 2003.

Danish Broadcasting Corp. accepts two SSL C100 digital broadcast consoles

Two Solid State Logic 24-frame C100 digital broadcast consoles are on their way to the Danish Broadcasting Corp., DR, facility in Aarhus, Denmark, after successfully completing acceptance testing.

DR’s Aarhus facility produces news, documentaries and light entertainment for radio and television. The consoles, which will replace the broadcaster’s existing analog consoles, will be installed throughout 2003. Installation of Studio 11's console will take place this month, while the console in Studio 12 is scheduled for December.

SSL receives first worldwide C200 digital production console order from Japanese facility

Audio post-production specialist Office Terra has become the first facility in the world to place an order for Solid State Logic’s new C200 Digital Production console.

The C200 provides the latest adaptation of SSL’s in-line console heritage with a dedicated ‘knob per function’ control surface.

The facility, which is affiliated with key Japanese broadcaster NTV (Nippon Television Network Corporation), handles video sound sweetening for a range of television programs including news and documentaries. At present, Office Terra engineers work on a Solid State Logic SL 4000 G Series console, but have decided to upgrade to the new digital console.

Office Terra’s engineers chose the C200 because it is ergonomically very similar to the SL 4000 G. Once installed, it will be used in conjunction with hard disk audio systems and digital VTRs.

The C200 provides the latest adaptation of SSL’s in-line console heritage with a dedicated ‘knob per function’ control surface. It is particularly well suited to creative mixing applications, such as music or entertainment, where ‘hands on’ access to a large numbers of controls is essential. In-line versatility and the provision of both Snapshot and Dynamic automation make the console ideal for both live-to-air and post-production mixing applications. A special ‘Mobile’ configuration is also available for compact studio or mobile installations.

It will be installed in September in the facility’s central Tokyo premises.

SSL provides equipment to London-based facility "The Hospital"

The Hospital, a new facility for music, art and film professionals, is incorporating two SSL digital consoles into the first phase of its studio plans.

The Hospital is based in the former St. Paul’s hospital in Covent Garden. The 60,000-square-foot facility will feature a full range of facilities designed to allow all kinds of creative projects to be completed, including Europe’s first high-definition television studio.

The first phase of the project, which is scheduled to open in July 2003, includes a ground floor HD television studio linked to a state-of-the art audio control room. This will enable the studio to be used simultaneously for music recording and television production.

An SSL Aysis Air console will be central to operations in the TV sound control room, while the music control room will feature a 48 fader, 96 channel SSL MT Plus console.

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