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Social media connects viewers with TV programming in important new ways

Some, like the BBC, call it the "companion experience." Others focused on the technology and call it "second screening." But whatever you call it, the fact that TV viewers are picking up their smartphones, tablets and laptops while watching a TV program and more deeply engaging with it is opening new opportunities to broadcasters.

At the 2012 NAB Show, the buzz on the floor was all about this sort of viewer engagement. Even before the convention opened, global management and technology consultancy Accenture was out with new research aimed at understanding the public's perception of social media symbols appearing in TV shows and their effectiveness.

The Accenture survey "Social Media on TV" examined the emerging nexus of social media and television that is viewer recall of and propensity to interact with the onscreen social media symbols included in television programming.

In this podcast interview, Robin Murdoch, Accenture's global Internet segment managing director, discusses the findings and what they mean for broadcasters.