Snell's Kahuna Helps 'The View' Go HD

ABC's morning talk show, "The View" has chosen Snell & Wilcox's Kahuna multifomat SD/HD production switcher to transition the show to high definition. The show debuted its first HD broadcast in September.

The production team at "The View" is using the Kahuna to cut the program in HD. Sources being handled by the Kahuna include HD signals from cameras, tape machines, and routers, as well as SD inputs from a variety of tape machines, graphics systems and remote feeds. Snell & Wilcox said its FormatFusion technology, integrated into the Kahuna, enables all of these to be mixed into the same production without the need for format conversion.

The 4-M/E Kahuna system installed in the upgraded control room at "The View" provides 16 keyers equipped with 2D DVE and twin channels of Kahuna IMPAKT 3D DVE options, which will enable the technical director to apply a comprehensive range of effects--including warps, tiling, ripples, rolls, and peels, with trailstore and lighting effects--to the keyers and background transitions.

At ABC, the Kahuna is also being used to drive a large number of video displays that are used on-set both as part of the program and for the live viewing audience.