Snell & Wilcox unveils Alchemist Ph.C - HD

At IBC2006 (stand 8.271), Snell & Wilcox introduced an HD version of its Alchemist Ph.C standards converter. The company said the new converter delivered pictures with stunning detail, free from artifacts and virtually indistinguishable from the original HD source.

The new Alchemist Ph.C - HD provides a complete standard and format conversion solution in a single unit. As well as offering HD frame-rate conversion for both 1080i and 720p standards, it also performs SD standards conversion between 50Hz and 60Hz material and HDTV upconversion, downconversion and crossconversion.

The system's architecture provides two outputs that can be used for transmission of program feeds in multiple standards or formats depending on the requirements of the customer. This dual output is designed for users who must deliver content in multiple standards or formats.

When designing the Alchemist Ph.C - HD, Snell & Wilcox said its engineers refined and optimized both the company's Ph.C motion estimation and standards conversion algorithms to deal with the demands of HDTV video systems. The converted output, it said, is virtually artifact-free, low in noise, and high in detail and fidelity, especially in fast-paced HD news, sports and live events.

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