Snell expands automated content delivery

UK broadcasting system vendor Snell has extended the automation and content delivery capability of its Morpheus system designed for media and broadcast companies by adding multisite and multichannel playout operations. The company’s new solutions address key challenges for central casting, multiregional broadcasting, business continuity and sports broadcasting.

First, Snell's new content delivery solution for central casting provides a stable platform for launching new digital services that rely on playout models distributed across multiple sites and geographical regions. The solution is designed to increase efficiency and reduce operational costs and equipment duplication, with a high degree of resilience resulting from fewer points for potential equipment failure.

Secondly, Snell is introducing a centralized multiregion broadcasting solution that enables a primary location to distribute common programming to regional channels, with variations in commercial, promotional and graphical insertions. Also, to help broadcasters minimize the risk of technical failures that can affect on-air operations, Snell's enterprise-scale automation solution for business continuity provides cost-effective backup operations with full functionality between both primary and remote sites.

Finally, for sports broadcasting, Morpheus now allows the on-air playlist to be updated on the fly, and all manual changes are captured on as-run logs for reconciliation and billing services.