Smith & Nephew Bring HD Imaging to the OR

Smith & Nephew's Endoscopy Division this week unveiled its new 660HD Image Management System which digitally captures, edits, exports and prints endoscopic surgical images and patient information.

The firm said medical facilities collect a great deal of patient information in a variety of images, ranging from photos to digital video of diagnostic procedures and surgeries. The new HD image system is geared to allowing medical centers an efficient means of managing such information.

The 660HD enables doctors to select the most significant HD-quality images captured during any type of surgical procedure, and then allows the operating room (OR) staff to export the images to DVD, CD or USB, and integrate them into the hospital's information architecture to be stored with each patient's electronic medical record.

The 660HD interfaces with any existing hospital information system and is designed to serve as a key component of its Digital Operating Room -- which incorporates Internet, digital and A/V technology.