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Slingbox HD Box Now Available on Pre-Order

The Slingbox Pro-HD, whose planned rollout was first announced earlier this year, will allow users to pull in HD content from various remote sites (such as hotel rooms for travelers) directly from their home TV sets to their PCs. The HD unit is now available for pre-order on the Slingbox Web site.

Although designed primarily for consumers, Slingboxes have been deployed by various local broadcasters — mostly for maintaining stationery cameras for vehicle traffic and weather for on-air use, as well as other innovative tasks.

The newest box, which extends its reach over earlier Slingbox models to include HD content, will carry MSRP of $299. A new "live video buffer" (which operates much like a DVR and is dubbed "SlingPlayer") will allow for pause, rewind and fast forward—and up to about one hour of HD video on PC directly from the Slingbox.

The HD box will only be compatible with Windows operating systems for now. Shipments are expected to begin in late September.