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Skycam to capture Obama acceptance speech at INVESCO Field

When Sen. Barak Obama, D-IL, accepts the Democratic presidential nomination tomorrow night at INVESCO Field in Denver, TV viewers will have a perspective on the story akin to the flying overhead camera angles football fans have come to expect.

For the acceptance speech, Winnercomm of Tulsa, OK, will provide the computer controlled, wire-suspended camera shots to broadcasters taking pool coverage from the stadium.

According to an article in “The New York Times,” CNN moved forward with the Skycam plan on its own after broadcasters in the convention pool rejected using the aerial camera in Denver and St. Paul, MN, during the Republican convention because of the expense. When the other broadcasters in the pool learned that CNN had won approval Aug. 22 from the Obama campaign to use the camera, they objected. After negotiation among pool members and Democratic officials, CNN offered to make the camera available as part of the pool if the other members shared in the expense, an offer which was accepted the paper reported.