Sky Tries 3D TV

Service tested in London

European satellite TV provider Sky tested a new 3D television service in London, according to a report in Telecommunication Industry News.

The service was previously tested by transmitting rugby matches to a London Theater. It was most recently broadcast into homes via subscribers HD set-top boxes. It’s expected to become available commercially within the next year through the system’s existing HD infrastructure (plus 3D glasses), a Sky executive told the BBC.

Stateside, the NFL recently transmitted 3D coverage of a football game to select theaters, and a similar arrangement has been made for covering the BSC FedEx Bowl Championship Game between the Florida Gators and the Oklahoma Sooners Jan. 8. The 3D version of that game will be shown exclusively in a Las Vegas venue during the Consumer Electronics Show.

No full deployments of 3D TV have been announced in the United States.