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Sky Go brings live TV to iOS

In the UK, Sky TV has been focused on its efforts to bring live TV options to iPhones and iPads, previously offering two services called Sky Player and Sky Mobile TV. Starting in July, these two services will merge and be renamed Sky Go and will offer live mobile streaming of National Geographic, Eden, Nickelodeon, MTV, ESPN, Sky News, Disney, History, Atlantic and more networks. Sky Go is available for Sky customers, and if a consumer does not have Sky TV, they can subscribe separately to the streaming services.

Earlier this year, Sky acquired The Cloud, a public Wi-Fi network in the UK that covers over 4500 Wi-Fi locations. This network will be tied into Sky Go for Sky customers and will offer a higher-quality experience on mobile devices due to advanced range and bandwidth. Sky hopes a nationwide Wi-Fi network will be in the future, allowing faster and immediate access to its services from anywhere.

The new direction also means some changes for existing product support. Sky will drop support for Windows Media Center (although the service will still be available on Xbox 360) and the current service only supports iOS devices running version 4.0 or higher. Android support is being worked on, so expect Sky Go to appear on that platform later in the year.