SKAI Television deploys Omneon MediaGrid for advanced ENG

SKAI Television, of Athens, Greece, has selected a 96TB Omneon MediaGrid active storage system to archive daily news content. It enables news producers at their desktops to bring archived clips into a Sony SONAPS news production system with drag-and-drop simplicity. The MediaGrid system joins an Omneon Spectrum server already in place for commercial playout.

Before SKAI implemented the MediaGrid solution, the broadcaster stored news programming on XDCAM cartridges, making clip retrieval a time- and resource-intensive manual process. Now, under direction of Blue Order asset management, high-resolution broadcast content from each 24-hour news cycle is automatically archived to the Omneon MediaGrid after the final news bulletin of the night. Select rushes are also archived. The MediaGrid system will store about six months of programming, which is readily available for reuse. Acting as a high-performance, high-availability mixed media archive, the MediaGrid system also stores about 3TB of content from SKAI Radio.

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