SK Telecom Latest Company to Join SRT Alliance

SK Telecom SRT Alliance
(Image credit: SRT Alliance)

MONTREAL—SK Telecom, a Korean wireless telecommunications operator, is the newest member of the SRT Alliance, a group of companies supporting the adoption of the SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) open source protocol.

SKT is doing something unique with the SRT protocol, reportedly being the first SRT Alliance member to use the protocol for the transport of real-time low latency video over 5G networks. Through its 5G MEC-based security video system development project named Hwangsaeul, SKT has achieved 4K streaming over 5G networks with SRT. SKY is also developing an intelligent bandwidth-aware streaming technology.

In addition, SKT is working with Havision, which founded the SRT Alliance, to establish SRT as the industry standard in the IETF.

“SKT’s use of SRT over 5G networks is another big step forward for the Alliance and as an emerging standard for anyone delivering live video over public internet,” said Suso Carrillo, director of SRT Alliance for Haivision. “We are very proud to have SKT as a member of the SRT Alliance and be the first member to implement the open source SRT protocol for 5G network delivery.”

SKT joins a group of now more than 450 members making up the SRT Alliance.

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