Sixty-six percent view video online

About 66 percent of online users view streaming video content at least once a week, a new survey by has found.

In the survey, 44 percent of video viewers were between the ages of 18 and 34, while 56 percent were ages 35 and older.

The survey found the younger demographic is more likely to engage in activities such as watching TV episodes online, creating their own video content and forwarding video clips to friends. The 18-34 demographic also prefers to stream entertainment content such as music videos, television shows and movie trailers, while those ages 35 and older are more likely to view news and sports clips. News and entertainment content are the most popular among streamers overall.

With regards to online video advertising, consumers prefer 15-second spots compared with TV-length ads and they also perform better. End-play rates for 15-second spots are 20 percent higher than 30-second spots. In addition, when asked what would make video advertising more pleasurable, 66 percent of consumers ranked "shorter ads than television" as the number one factor.

The study leveraged survey data acquired from a sample of 500 respondents over the age of 18, as well as advertising performance data generated from's video network. Online market research company InsightExpress hosted the survey.