Six Localism Task Force meetings set up across country

The FCC Localism Task Force has announced a six-city schedule of meetings designed to give TV viewers and radio listeners, industry and civic organizations the chance to express their views regarding broadcast localism.

Chaired by one or more commissioners, the meetings will focus on information gathering and provide a forum “to conduct outreach for the nationwide round of broadcast station license renewals,” an FCC statement said.

The first meeting is slated for Oct. 22 and will be held in Charlotte, N.C., at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Government Center Meeting Chamber. Other public hearings will be held in:

  • San Antonio, Tex., December 2003
  • Santa Cruz/Salinas, Calif., March 2004
  • Rapid City, S.D., April 2004
  • Portland, Maine, May 2004
  • Washington, D.C., June 2004

Commission Chairman Michael Powell set up the task force in August with a number of goals in mind, including measuring media localism, determining the efficacy of FCC localism rules, organizing public meetings, advising the commission on what to recommend to Congress regarding the licensing of thousands of additional low-power FM stations, promoting localism in TV and radio and advising the commission on recommendations to Congress to strengthen localism in broadcast.

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