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Sinclair Broadcast Group uses Telestream technology for its centralized news operations

Sinclair Broadcast Group has purchased a large complement of encoding and delivery products from Telestream, including its FlipFactory and ClipMail IP-based digital delivery systems. The independent station group will use the technology to automate the distribution of high-quality news content from its News Central facility in Hunt Valley, MD, to its local TV stations across the country.

Launched in October of last year, Sinclair Broadcast Group's centralized model delivers national news, weather and promos to its local stations. By producing national news and weather programming at News Central, Sinclair said they could eliminate repetitive efforts and resources at the local level. The Telestream technology gives Sinclair the flexibility to move media and commercial spots to the regional news departments over Sinclair's existing wide area network (WAN). The result, they said, is high-quality content delivered more efficiently to its markets.

Over the next six months, Sinclair will outfit stations in all of its 40 markets with Telestream ClipMail Pros to receive content from News Central. ClipMail Pro also allows local news operations to send content of national interest back to News Central in near-real time fashion for sharing with other Sinclair stations.

Sinclair chose Telestream's FlipFactory TrafficManager to organize its centralized distribution of non-real time video content and to coordinate sending and receiving from all stations. The TrafficManager provides a single aggregation point for tracking and managing content as well as automated transcoding and digital delivery directly to Sinclair's Pinnacle Systems and Leitch video servers.

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