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Sinclair Broadcast Group selects Masstech transcode Pitch Blue and Javelin content

Sinclair Broadcast Group has deployed Masstech CatchBLUE v7.5 Special Edition systems to transcode content from Pitch Blue and Javelin syndicated delivery services for its entire group of 58 stations across the United States.

Masstech has implemented CatchBLUE to highly automate the ingestion of content from Pitch Blue and Javelin and other file-based media delivery systems at Sinclair stations. Pitch Blue content delivered as H.264 HD has to be transcoded first before it can be moved to broadcast servers for play to air in Sinclair’s complex broadcast ecosystem. Accelerating the transformation of content from Pitch Blue and Javelin to ready-for-air format eliminates the labor-intensive, repetitive, manual processes associated with content being delivered from multiple sources. CatchBLUE also provides automated browse, monitor, deliver and notify functions for file-based media management at Sinclair.

CatchBLUE interfaces to all the destination servers, automation, traffic and storage systems. It automates the detection of new content, transcodes it to play-to-air server formats and then delivers the metadata to the master control automation system.