Sign of the ‘Times’ Now HD

Times Square in Manhattan—the go-to location for much of the world for New Year’s Eve via television coverage—now boasts one of the largest HD screens on the planet.

Beyond New Year’s, this latest marvel in the Times Square neighborhood will operate year-round, thanks to a drug store chain. The bright lights went up for the first time at 8 p.m. on Nov. 20.

The 30-story high LED screen now puts the Walgreens flagship outlet on the HD map in what the chain is calling the “biggest point of purchase display in the world.” The signage reaches about 340 feet above street level, facing out from three sides of the Walgreens building between Broadway and Seventh Avenue off 42nd Street.

The display itself consists of some 12 million LEDs (1024x1600 pixels) covering roughly 16,000 square feet of screen. The mammoth structure is controlled by 20 computers.

ABC New Media Sales will handle non-Walgreens ad purchases, most of which will be presented via HD-level video, according to Walgreens.