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Shure now offers four new professional shotgun microphones: the VP89 (available in three interchangeable lengths: long, medium and short) and the VP82 for use in a wide range of professional media production applications.

The VP89 models (VP89/L, VP89/M and VP89/S) are professional shotgun microphones for use in critical sound capture applications. They all feature Shure’s design and rugged, roadworthy construction while providing high audio quality with low coloration of off-axis sound for natural ambient audio.

The VP89/L was designed for use during all types of field recording, as it targets sources of high volume over long distances. The VP89/M, offering a wider target aperture for higher ambience, is well suited for audience response, talk shows and live concerts. The VP89/S is good for camera mounting and features a wide pickup angle for the highest ambience.

The compact and lightweight VP82 provides excellent off-axis rejection for use in sound capture and reinforcement in camera-mounted A/V media production applications. The mic features an integrated preamplifier design.