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Shure Provides Ref Mics at Sun Stadium

NILES, ILL.: One problem with producing football telecasts is the failure of refmicrophones. The issue is particularly common in RF-intensive environments like Sun Life Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins.The stadium is located just a half-mile from the main antenna farm of transmitters for the city’s TV stations, making dropouts and interference common.

After extensive testing and installation of a passive antenna system to minimize outside interference, the Axient system was put to the test during a preseason Dolphins game against Dallas. The referee was outfitted with two Axient bodypacks connected to a WL184 unidirectional lavalier microphone via a custom toggle switch built by ProSound. Axient handheld systems are used for the national anthem and halftime entertainment.

“The first game was a total success,” Bryan Lykins, the Dolphins director of broadcast operations, said. “The sound quality was excellent and there were no dropouts on the referee’s mic. The system has been in use throughout the 2011 football season, including University of Miami home games, and the results have been impressive.”