Shure Part of Audio Team at Super Bowl LII

NILES, ILL.—There were more teams on the field U.S. Bank Stadium during Super Bowl LII than just the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots. ATK Audiotek and Professional Wireless Systems were the main companies behind the on-field audio, with the pair choosing to go with Shure wireless microphones and in-ear monitors to serve as its primary RF systems.

From L-R, Cameron Stuckey (RF Technician), Jim Van Winkle (General Manager), and Gary Trenda (Lead RF Technician).

The on-field wireless needs covered the pregame presentation of the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award to the presentation of the Lombardi Trophy to the Philadelphia Eagles, as well as ref microphones and audio for all musical acts. This setup was supported by a mix of the Axient Digital and Axient analog systems, plus Shure PSM 1000 in-ear monitors.

Referee miking was handled by Shure Axient with frequency diversity. The system features two lavalier mics feeding separate AXT100 bodypacks tuned to separate frequencies. There was also a custom-built mute switch by ATK Audiotek for the ref to control when he is heard. Two receivers were present, one using house power and the other a UPS battery system, while an Axient ShowLink backchannel was also used for remote monitoring and control of all transmitter parameters.

Shure also assisted in providing the wireless antenna system for the game. The Axient Digital used its Quadversity feature to extend coverage capability. In addition, all antennas were Shure’s HA-8089 helical. Long cable runs were addressed with an RF over fiber optic cable system.

Additional gear used during the game included two AD610 Access Points, 12 IEM mixes and Shure’s Wireless Workbench software to tie the entire system together.