Shure finds counterfeit earphones in Hong Kong

Shure has uncovered a number of hawker stalls in Hong Kong’s popular electronics marketplace, Apliu Street in Shamshuipo, selling counterfeit Shure earphones. This investigation is part of the company’s continued efforts to combat the illegal manufacture and sale of counterfeit Shure products.

“Our customers are at a risk of being taken advantage of by these illegal traders who continue to infringe on our brand,” said Ray Crawford, managing director of Shure Asia. “It is our responsibility as a manufacturer to aggressively pursue these criminals who seek to deceive our customers.”

Shure initiated its investigation earlier this year by conducting a market survey in Apliu Street and the surrounding area to identify outlets selling counterfeit Shure earphones. The investigation discovered that several hawker stalls were selling counterfeit Shure earphones, including Shure E2 and E4 sound isolating earphones, which the Company discontinued in September 2007.

“Shure maintains a list of all authorized distributors on our Web sites so that customers who wish to purchase Shure products can easily do so,” Crawford said. “I urge customers to be vigilant and use good judgment when presented with offers that seem too good to be true. If it appears too good to be true, it is very often not true.”

Shure has two authorized distributors in Hong Kong for the sale of all Shure SE earphones (the SE110, SE210, SE310, SE420, and SE530/SE530PTH) and SCL2. They are Soundwell Company and ECT Eichi Technology, both of Kowloon.

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